The Commissioning Process for the Brock Environmental Center in Preparation for the Measurement Phase

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The final commissioning and fine-tuning of the operating systems are fully in progress for the Brock Environmental Center, which will prepare the building for the measurement phase of the Living Building Challenge.

brock environmental center at completion

Commissioning Process

The commissioning process is designed to take each system through all of its operating functions at the maximum capacity. This will identify any issues that require adjustment or modification in order to meet the designed operating and production levels.

The building is already logging a regular return of power back to the power grid from the combination of the wind and sun technologies. It is also producing drinking water from rainwater collected through the collection and purification system. Composting and leachate systems are also fully functional and operational.

Meeting the Living Building Challenge Requirements

As each renewable and sustainable system is fine-tuned and put into permanent full-time service, the building will begin to create the necessary energy, save the appropriate amount of water and minimize its carbon footprint in accordance with the Living Building Challenge (LBC) requirements.

After commissioning each system, the next step is training the building occupants in the day-to-day operations and measurements of the renewable technologies. The training will be performed by the associated operating systems installers, which will then allow the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to effectively utilize the renewable technologies.

After all systems are commissioned and the training is complete, the 12-month measurement period will commence and building automation and metering systems will provide detailed data and readings that will be used to determine the ability of the facility to meet the Living Building Challenge requirements. The results of the measurement period will be used to determine if there are any modifications required to the operating system’s equipment to meet the LBC target levels.

Forward Looking

The LBC measurement period is scheduled to be from February 1, 2015 through February 1, 2016. Any required adjustments or modifications to the operating systems will take place immediately after the measurement period ends and then verification of the results from the adjustments is required prior to the LBC issuing a certification.

Thoughts & Comments

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