Construction Updates for the Brock Environmental Center

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The 10,000 square-foot Brock Environmental Center is scheduled to be completed in the fall of this year and construction is moving swiftly.  As we approach the 6-month mark of construction, we want to keep you updated with the progress that has been made in 2014, as well as upcoming milestones and updates about the project as we move toward building the most sustainable building in Virginia.

Here is an update of where construction currently stands and what is to come in the near future.

Completed Activities

Since December 31, 2013 when the building’s elevated concrete superstructure was completed, several milestones have been reached. The following activities have been completed and are in place:

– The balance of the concrete foundations to support the exterior wood walkway and deck
– Structural steel columns and beams to support the deck
– Acoustical roof decking that will support the roofing
– Primary exterior wood stud framing for the North side of the main building

In addition, ninety percent of the site utilities are finished, including the installation of the primary leachate and grey water tanks. The balance of the structural steel for the multipurpose room and education pavilion has been delivered to the project for installation.

brock environmental center march construction

Upcoming this month

During this month, the large radius structural steel roof beams for the multipurpose room and the education pavilion will be completed by March 15th. Then, the exterior wood framing and sheathing for the balance of the main building system will be completed by March 31st. On April 1st, installation of the insulation and metal roofing panels on the main building will begin. This portion of the roof will support the 164 photovoltaic cells that will provide 60% of the renewable energy for the Brock Environmental Center.

Also beginning on April 1st will be the installation of the mechanical and electrical system as well as the exterior skin of the building, which includes the exterior reclaimed cypress wood siding and triple glazed window systems.

The Brock Environmental Center is projected to be completed in the fall of 2014 where it will then begin the process of measuring and reporting its energy use in order to meet the Living Building Challenge requirements.

Thoughts & Comments

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