Current Status and Upcoming Milestones of the Brock Environmental Center

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The Brock Environmental Center is nearing its substantial completion date, set for October 17th. The Community Grand Opening will take place on Sunday, November 16, from 1:00-4:00pm. At this event, the general public will be welcomed for a building tour, music and activities for all ages.  This post will detail what has been completed so far and the upcoming milestones and key dates that are left for construction.

Exterior of the Building

The roofing on the main building is finished and the 100-year zinc roofing on the conference room and the education pavilion are both in progress. All of the windows have been installed and the exterior doors are currently being fitted.

The exterior reclaimed sinker cypress is approximately 75% complete and all other siding materials, such as metal panels, will be concluded by the end of August. The exterior wood decking areas have all been framed and the finish decking has begun on the south side of the building.

Status of Renewable Energy Efforts

All utilities and geothermal wells have been installed with the connection of the geothermal well system to the building underway.  Once completed, the system will provide “cool ground water” to the mechanical units inside the building for conditioning of the interior spaces. Geothermal is a major contributor to the renewable energy sources that lead to the net-zero status of the facility.

The two Bergey wind turbines have been installed and are ready for connection to the power invertor in the building.  They will provide approximately half of the renewable energy for the entire facility.

The 164 roof-mounted photovoltaic cells are currently being installed and will be complete by the end of August. The photovoltaics will also provide approximately half of the renewable energy to the entire building.

The composting toilet systems are positioned and connected to the bathroom locations in the building. In addition, all mechanical and electrical rough-in and infrastructure has been installed and the interior drywall is 95% complete.

Upcoming Milestones

The connection of the public power grid to the building, which will be used in powering the operating systems in the event of insufficient natural wind or sunlight resources, will be completed by the end of August.

All mechanical and electrical operating systems will be complete by mid-September. They will support the installation of humidity-sensitive finishes, such as the reclaimed wood floors, casework and door trim, which will be installed starting in September and finish just prior to the mid-October completion date.

Installation of the rainwater collection system will begin in early September and be ready for connection to the bio-filtration ponds later that month.  This system is the heart of the net-zero water status of the project, as it provides an ample amount of natural rainwater for use in the water purification system.

The exterior site work, such as parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, bio-retention ponds, exterior lighting and landscaping, will start in early September and be finished just prior to the substantial completion date.

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