How We’re “Green” Every Day

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At Hourigan Construction, we’re not only committed to the integrity of the structures we build, but also to the environment in which they dwell. From site construction to waste disposal, we believe it is our responsibility to incorporate “green” building practices into our plans at every appropriate opportunity.

We embrace environmentally-friendly practices in our corporate offices as well. Following is our own checklist of the conservation initiatives taking place daily in our Richmond and Virginia Beach offices:


  • Enable energy saving mode on all equipment
  • Install low energy florescence light bulbs


  • Provide recycling bins in all common areas and at all events and meetings
  • Conduct annual e-waste recycling drive and use certified recycler

Waste Reduction

  • Print on both sides of paper whenever possible and set double-siding as default prompt on copiers
  • Reduce paper margins in order to decrease the length of documents printed

Kitchen and Break Rooms

  • Provide or encourage staff to bring reusable plates, flatware and drink ware for daily use

Family participates in Clean the Bay Day at Kiptopeke State Park. Photo by Kevin DuBoisAdditionally, we support green initiatives in our communities. Last year, about 25 employees and family members of Hourigan Construction’s Virginia Beach office participated in Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Clean The Bay Program. The event is sponsored by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and draws thousands of volunteers to clean up shorelines along the Chesapeake Bay. On average, the event enlists more than 6,500 volunteers who clean up more than 75 tons of debris each year.

How are you incorporating environmentally friendly practices within your workplace? We’d like to hear about any best practices, successes or even challenges that you’ve encountered. If you haven’t started yet, we challenge you to do something green, even if it’s as small as turning off a light when you leave an office. It all makes a difference in the long run.

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