Living Building Challenge Measurement Period Preparation

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We are extremely proud to announce that the Brock Environmental Center project is complete and celebrated its “unplugging” from the public utility grid on November 14, 2014. The building is aiming to be the greenest and most sustainable building on the East Coast by targeting LEED Platinum and Living Building Challenge (LBC) certification.


The facility is already sending power back to the electrical grid and utilizing rainwater for all of its hand washing, showering, and drinking needs. The project team is now fine tuning all of its renewable technologies and organizing the required LBC documentation in preparation for the 12-month measurement period. The Center will aim to achieve certification of all 7 Petals and 22 imperatives of the Living Building Challenge. The measurement period will begin January 5, 2015.

Preparing for the Measurement Period

Fine-tuning of the building’s renewable technologies includes the operation and initial measurements of the following:

  • Photovoltaic cells
  • Wind turbines
  • Geothermal wells
  • Heating and cooling retention
  • Rainwater usage
  • CO2 levels

In addition, the team will measure the effect of natural daylighting and ventilation on the HVAC system and check the interior lighting usage and air quality control.

Occupant Training

Another very important step in finalizing the ability to efficiently use its renewable energy sources is the proper training of the building occupants in the day-to-day operations and measurements of the renewable technologies. The training will be implemented by the associated systems installers over the next month. This allows the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to effectively utilize the renewable technologies and begin working hand in hand with the facility’s renewable resources by year-end.

Facilities Maintenance Program

The Hourigan custom facilities maintenance program is also a critical system that will allow the building managers to properly operate and maintain the renewable energy systems at their maximum operating capacity. The system provides the building occupants a detailed 3D guide to the operation and maintenance of every single piece of equipment and all materials in the facility.

Forward looking

The next 30 calendar days are reserved for testing, commissioning and pushing the use of the renewable natural resources to their limits so that any problems can be identified and resolved prior to the beginning of the measurement period.

The LBC measurement period is scheduled to take place from January 5, 2015 through January 4, 2016.

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