Upcoming Milestones for the Brock Environmental Center

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The Brock Environmental Center is aiming to be the greenest building in Virginia, and is scheduled for completion in October of this year. This post will go into detail of what has been completed and the upcoming milestones and key dates that are left for construction.

Current state of the Brock Environmental Center 

The building’s structural frame is complete and the building is dried in with the exception of windows. The triple glazed window systems will arrive in late June and be installed within 2 weeks in order to complete the dry in process.  All site utilities including storm water, sewer, water and power have been completed, as well as mechanical and electrical rough-ins.

brock environmental center may 2014

Upcoming milestones in June

On June 9th, drilling of the geothermal field began for the building. The geothermal system will provide heating and cooling and generally saves 70-80% of energy over conventional HVAC systems. The framing of the exterior walkways and decks also started at the same time.

By June 13th, the installation of the insulation and metal roofing panels will be completed. Then, the zinc roof shingles will be installed on the education pavilion and the conference room. One hundred percent zinc is being used which will last for 100 years.

One of the main upcoming milestones will be the installation of the wind turbines on June 25th.

In addition, installation of the exterior siding has begun. Reclaimed cypress wood siding will be used to help meet the requirements of the Materials Petal of the Living Building Challenge.

Forward looking

The photovoltaic cells will arrive in mid-July to be installed. This is one of the final big milestones for the building and an important initiative in order for the building to attain net-zero energy. The substantial completion is set for October 17th and the “unplugging” ceremony for the building will be on November 14th.

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